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we can conquer this great divide

where are you now when i need you, music sources tucked everywhere but where it's convenient, myspace songs only allowing so much to play before the tune gets cut off. yet i dont even think to listen anymore, my mind is so focused on why can't i write, that i can't just write, and music seems like a distant truth. will you come back to me in the form of an import worth 3900 yen or will you continue to remain the constant reminder of familiarity, a time when lyrics stood out and music was more than a past time held in the confines of a ford taurus. will a concert be a lifeline, bass rhythms jump starting the blood in my veins as a reminder that i am alive. we are alive and so small and so insignificant against this terrifying world where over half its population lives on less than $2 a day, and there are slaves living in this very country as well as others, young girls slaves to sex, forever indebted to their masters.

i need a reminder of what's great & beautiful & real.
i need to get out of this town before it swallows me
even if its just for an afternoon.

current plans after this semester: none. except a trip to la or disney world. ((even if i have to go alone)) oh and an attempt at one kick ass graduation party on the "big day" which will probably turn into four people in my living room watch movies. because thats what happens

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