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What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: pizza I could eat pizza everyday for every meal and not tire of it. My favourites are papa ginos and pizzaria regina. cheese, or mushroom or buffalo chicken or chicken & garlic
Literary: Harry Potter i've read each other these books multiple times, which has been equaling to about 3 in two years -- usually in the summer and winter time. i'm currently between books five and six. my favourite is order of the pheonix, though it makes me cry every time
Audiovisual: Hannah Montana I dont know, I just love the show, to the point where I'm tempting to put her live concert on at work, just to piss my coworkers off;)
Musical: Britney Spears I love to dance. She makes good dance music. And besides, I remember getting her demo at the Kingston mall way back when I had purple lip gloss I bought from Claires after Michelle bought it. I had to have been no older than twelve, because at twelve I met Michelle, and twelve was also *the* Hanson age
Celebrity: tabloids I wouldn't buy Star or OK or the Enquirer, but I always scan the titles at work, and find the time to flip through the pages, catching myself up on celebrity gossip i dont really care about

Now I tag:-

alabasterduch brou_ha_ha fixatedme rockshow420 and cold_composed

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