faerieintransit (faerieintransit) wrote,

i'm pretty much done trying to make plans with anyone, so if you want to hang out with me, its up to you. otherwise i'll be perfectly happy/miserable on my own, reading my three hours of reading per night, thinking about how much essays suck, dreading midterms(wed and thurs) and going out to movies on my own. let's not forget myspace/facebook/livejournal and my bed. i like my bed.

  • one last time...

    i changed my lj name to webs_of_light so anyone who hasn't friended me (let me know if you do so i can friend you back) is losing out major

  • (no subject)

    new el jay: webs_of_light unfortunately, i still can't figure out the whole... layout thing add me, please. and ill add you back!

  • (no subject)

    what do you do with letters that used to be, found tucked away in the corners of closets where dust bunnies live? today i threw most of the contents…

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