faerieintransit (faerieintransit) wrote,

i wish i was inadvertently rich like rory and didn't have to work while attending a private college

i know i can't stress enough how much i detest winter. everything about it, with the exception of the occasional amazingly bad snow storm, i HATE. christmas is also an exception, but it seems to be more and more during autumn these days. yesterday in and out of work, people were making a huge deal about the huge upcoming snow storm that "hit" us with less than a half inch of snow, and a lot of darkness. i have all this time, and it seems like the only thing i should be doing with it is rereading sparknotes versions of howards end, and trying to find notes on secret agent. i'm going to go blow my nose now, i'm muy boring.

i have two literature midterms this week and i have no idea how to study for a literature mid term. i'm such a wicked good college senior

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    i changed my lj name to webs_of_light so anyone who hasn't friended me (let me know if you do so i can friend you back) is losing out major

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    new el jay: webs_of_light unfortunately, i still can't figure out the whole... layout thing add me, please. and ill add you back!

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