faerieintransit (faerieintransit) wrote,

school + work = completely bringing down my spirit
today was my first day off in awhile, and i didn't even know it was my day off until about five minutes before i planned on leaving for class. i tried reading all day, keeping up and studying for the midterm i thought i had tonight, then come to find out it's canceled. but while i was trying to read, i couldn't stay awake. my eyes hurt, my head hurt. everything. now it's almost two thirty am and i have no desire to sleep. i want to read the final 100 pages in stardust and devour an entire flb book tonight. i want to dream about faeries tonight and wake up to a day that's fresh and full of possibility, not full of studying for another midterm, so i can go to bed after that and wake up to working all day. and going home to reading all night. then going to bed to wake up to reading all morning before working all day. i dont know what to do. i want to own everything. i have a credit card bill to keep up with (although the problem is less about paying the bill than it is adding more stuff on it). i want to go places. to italy. to california. i want to buy a new outfit or two come march right before hanson and washington. i want. i want. i want. i wish i didn't want.

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