faerieintransit (faerieintransit) wrote,

what do you do with letters that used to be, found tucked away in the corners of closets where dust bunnies live? today i threw most of the contents of my closet onto my bedroom floor. it wasn't even most, it was about half but it covered my entire black area rug and stretched into crevices of corners and between dvd racks and almost under my bed. i have all these letters from old friends from when i was fourteen and fifteen years old. the letters dont literally say much but they're records of who ive been. i think i need to get rid of them, let the baggage turn into something else and find reflections of who i am. my walls do that. the free poster, three calendars (froud's pressed faeries, harry potter & disney faeries), wings that kate made years ago, lyrics and quotations from fabric paint in the handwritings of people i love. random glitter. i need to change my shades. they're old and dark and falling apart (they're swirly blue with stars. i dont have curtains). the glass of my window says "ngi ne themba" which means i find hope in zulu. now back to those letters, the echoes of voices ive never heard

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    i changed my lj name to webs_of_light so anyone who hasn't friended me (let me know if you do so i can friend you back) is losing out major

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    new el jay: webs_of_light unfortunately, i still can't figure out the whole... layout thing add me, please. and ill add you back!

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